Zhejiang Dragon Chemical Group Company

Equipment list

In our development of more than 20 years, Dragon chemical group gradually update the capacity of service, from only trading in the beginning of company-starting to focusing on quality analysis and technology R&D, to push out strong commercial production, which accompany with more and more advanced instruments and equipments uses.

Pilot plant equipment

  • reactor: 50-1000L*16
  • centrifuges: Φ450*1
  • filter: 2-5m2*4
  • condenser: 1m2*3
  • recrystallization: 50-500L*4
  • distillation tower: D200*3000mm
  • other necessary equipment: vacauum, air compressor, glass condenser, waster gas absorption, dryer and etc.

Main equipment

  • reactor: 500l-12500L*160 -10-300℃, 10mmHg-7.5Mpa GL/SUS/CARBON-STEEL/STEEL-Titanium
  • rectification&condenser: 5-40 m2*40 SUS/GL/Titanium
  • receivers&storage tanks: 0.2-60m3*120
  • PVC&FRP/PVC/Carbon steel/Aluminum/GL
  • Vacuum equipment: 180-280m2/h*20 PP/SUS
  • Air compressor: 0.9-6.0m3/min. 0.7MPa*13
  • Grinder: 300-1000kgs/hr.*12
  • Mixer: 1.5-8m3*10

Separation equipment:

  • press filter: 5-100m2*18 PP frame/wing
  • isotherm filter: 5 m2*15 titanium/SUS/PP
  • vacuum filter: 2.0-6.6 m2*14PP/carbon-steel/steel-ceramic
  • centrifuges: Φ 1000*20 SUS/steel-rubber
  • distillation tower: D36/50*900cm*5(60theoretical plates) D30*1500cm*3(80 theoretical plates)


  • vacuum dryer: 1.5-3.0m3*8 GL
  • hot wind circulation heater: 30 m3 * 8multi-layer rack
  • static vacuum drying room: 200kgs/day * 2 SUS/aluminum
  • static hot wind circulation heater: 800kgs/day * 4 SUS/aluminum

Q/A&Q/C equipment

  • 20*HPLC
  • 4*GC
  • 2*AAS
  • 1*ICP
  • 2*UV-VIS
  • 3*automatic potential titration
  • 5*automatic PH detector
  • 3*M.P./B.P. test device
  • 12*fast moisture test device
  • 3*KF mositre test device
  • 1*mercury test device
  • 1*turbidity test device

Further methods:

  • surface tension measurement and ion chromatography can be carried out at Zhejiang University
  • GC-MS can be carried out at Zhejiang University of Technology
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